Who else wants to learn exactly HOW to take revenge on a narcissist?

Use the secret techniques of emotional manipulators... against them!


Learn the Techniques.  Get Revenge.

Release of the Ebook on Amazon

Following the success of the Kindle Ebook "Revenge On A Narcissist" which is a number one bestseller on Amazon in its category, we decided to release the audio book version of the course so people can listen to it at their convenience.
The audio version available to buy now from this page below also contains an extra 45 minute long audio tutorial on the correct techniques for taking revenge by Richard Grannon that is previously unreleased material, not covered in the Ebook.

Now Available In Instant, Convenient Mp3 Audio Format!

The Audio Mp3 Course Modules:

"How to Take Revenge: PRIMER"

These are mp3 audios available for instant download, the images of discs are for illustration purposes only!

How to Take Revenge on A Narcissist: PRIMER

This is a single 57 minute long audio tutorial that focuses on 4 key areas:

  • How to instantly "flip the script" on a narcissistic abuser
  • How to break free of the "co-dependency dance"
  • Why learning to adopt the predatory mindset of a narcissist is ESSENTIAL to your healing
  • Learn how to visit "Planet Narco" and see the world through the eyes of a narcissist - you will never be bewildered again and all those nagging questions you have about narcissism you can answer for yourself. Or for friends who find themselves in similar situations.

"How to Take Revenge on A Narcissist"

These are mp3 audios available for instant download, the images of discs are for illustration purposes only!

3 Audio Tutorials totalling 1 hour and 25 minutes that are transcriptions of the book, read by the authors themselves (no weird, fake sounding actors). In it you will learn:

  • Why you should not do what your "first instinct" tells you after narcissistic abuse (Dont make these big mistakes that everyone makes!)
  • The 5 secret techniques: these vary in effect, intent and objectives. You might not want to dramatically expose a narcissist to everyone so they can see their true nature you might just want to know how to "fight back"
  • How to let go of the abuse and move on to a happier life.

What the course offers:

  • Two Voices

    The Audio is read by two voices, Richard and Leyla’s. This breaks up the sound of one voice and gives the narrative a fresh perspective from both genders.

  • Save Time

    Listen to the audio at your convenience and learn the techniques while doing household chores, walking the dog, driving to work or at the gym.

  • Instant Access in Mp3 format

    When buying the course follow the instructions carefully to get instant access to the mp3 files, play the “how to take revenge” tutorials on your phone, ipad, pc – wherever and whenever you want.

  • High Quality Intel

    Well researched information from two graduates (psychology and biology) with first hand experience of abuse. If you use the material and follow the instructions these techniques are guaranteed to work!

  • Targetted, specialised information

    This material represents highly targeted tools and tactics to allow you to fulfill a specific objective. The techniques and strategies you learn on this course will EMPOWER you!

  • Get Your Questions Answered

    If you think there is anything missing from the course or if you have a suggestion for an addition we, the authors, will address the issue personally, rapidly and thoroughly.

Why Should I Buy This Course?

You can Learn:

  • Inside the mind of a narcissist: learn the weaknesses in the mechanical structure of the narcissistic outlook so you can exploit them.
  • Altering your mindset: how to prepare yourself psychologically to deliver revenge in a way that does the most damage.
  • The different types of narcissist, how to identify which type you are dealing with and which strategies have the best effect on that type.
  • How to ask seemingly innocent questions that will spin the narcissist into self doubt, anxiety and distress.

The Manufacturing of Your Consent

Do you want to stay out of abusive relationships for the rest of your life? This course will teach you about consent, boundaries, how to exercise your sovereignty, to self-champion and how to say "no".

Empower Yourself!

This course will give you the ability to recognise their tactics and FIGHT BACK!

Learn to call Abuse, "Abuse".

If you can learn to do what they do, the way they do it, how to think like them, how to look at the world as they do you will never fall prey to their manipulations again. You will learn the all important skill of recognizing covertly delivered "invisible" or "ambient" abuse and to DO SOMETHING about it to protect your self and your sanity.

Set Boundaries, Protect Yourself and Fight Your Corner

You are worth protecting and fighting for. People with healthy boundaries and undamaged self images will NATURALLY seek to TAKE ACTION when wronged. You can learn to do it too.

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