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For victims of emotional abuse

This simple to use short course will give you the tools to leave the haze of chronic day dreaming and return to your life again.

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Do you spend your life in a hazy, zoned out, unfocused and dreamy state of mind?

Have you caught yourself not remembering conversations you just recently had, or found yourself functioning on “auto-pilot”?

For people who experienced emotional abuse, to be in a dissociative state can become an important way to cope with daily life. Even though you might have moved on with your life, your mind can become stuck in a dissociative and defensive loop – making you spend your life in a dream like state.

This hands-on course faces the problems of dissociation and teaches you how to return to your life. It is a manual on how to stop surviving with dissociation – and start living again.

  • Get the secret to STOP dissociating and learn how to effectively engage in reality
  • The one HUGE mistake every dissociater makes - don't let it be you! You are hurting people around you more than you realise. STOP NOW!
  • A Step by Step process to allow to clear the blocked emotions and INSTANTLY give you mental clarity, makes you more objective focused and efficient in your daily life
  • Discover the POWER of being present and focused rather than "tuned out". Experience being aware (It is awesome!)
  • This course will SAVE YOU TIME -you don't even realize how much time you are losing to dissociation!

" This course is developed as a part of my own healing from emotional abuse. I never realized on how many levels my "chronic daydreaming" was impacting my life. I was losing time, focus and it was negatively affecting my relationships.

Today I know what emotional strength and vulnerability really means.

This brief and simple to use course sums up the steps I had to take to learn how to enjoy living my life again."

Leyla Loric
Leyla Loric NAVS-Recovery

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In this Course You Will Discover...

  • How dissociation impacts your life

    This course will give you the insight into how and why you dissociate as a result of your emotional abuse. You will learn how this impacts your life and relationships today.

  • Tools to STOP dissociating

    This course teaches you HOW to stop dissociating and return to your life.

    It gives you practical TOOLS and advice to start applying today!

  • Over 1 hour of audio content!

    The course contains over 1 hour of audio content including an interview and hypnosis files + many practical exercises!

This course is now only available from Richard Grannon's website